Number 600

This is blog #600 for Phillies Insider.  Not even close to Cal Ripken’s streak!

Comforting to know that what I’ve written helped people fall asleep 600 times.  Not even close to Jay Leno.

How much longer will Phillies Insider exist?  I have no idea.  I’ll keep posting as often as possible, but not seven days a week.  Response to Phillies Insider has been terrific (ranked 12th in the last MLB blog ratings).  A huge thank you.

Todd Zolecki’s Zo Zone blog is the best thing to happen to  He’s able to provide what’s happening daily, including the starting lineup for each game.  If you aren’t a regular Zo Zone visitor, get with it.

I mentioned we will be paying tribute to Pat Burrell on Friday, April 4.  Thanks to a posted comment, Friday is April 3.  So, is the tribute Friday (April 3) or Saturday (April 4)?

The answer: Friday, the 3rd.  Pat will also be on hand for the World Series ring ceremony on April 8.

Wish the mistake was the only one in the 600 blogs.  Not even close.  But, it is great to be corrected because that means you care and I appreciate it.

Camp Notes
10 players have been told at the minor league camp they are no longer a member of the Phillies organization.  A larger number will receive the sad news tomorrow as the Lehigh Valley, Reading, Clearwater, Lakewood and extended spring training rosters get finalized . . . Another sellout today with the Yankees at Bright House Field . . . Tomorrow, the Phillies head east to Kissimmee to play the Astros.  It is the only pre-season game that will not be broadcast by us.  However, the game will be on KBME radio in Houston which means you can hear it on



Congratulations on Post #600

is there any way to find out who got released? thanks.

is there any way to find out who got released? thanks.

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