J-Roll, Shane, Pat, Cole, Curt

J-Roll and Shane are back in camp and wasted no time in getting back in the lineup.  Todd Zolecki wasted no time in posting the lineup this morning in the Zo Zone. 

It has seemed strange without them around here.  And, it certainly changes the appearance of the lineup. 

After today, eight more games in Florida for Jimmy and Shane to sharpen their batting strokes.

On-Deck Series
Once the Grapefruit League season ends April 2, the Phillies will be home April 3 (7:05) and April 4 (1:05) for games against the American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays.  Tickets for each game at Citizens Bank Park are available.

Pat Burrell will make his first appearance in a different uniform.  The Phillies are planning a little salute to him prior to the Friday, April 4, game.

Carpenter Complex
Cole, Blanton and JC are each pitching at Carpenter Complex this afternoon.  Hamels is starting for one of the Class A clubs against the Pirates.  Joe will be on a different field in a similar situation.

Big club is in Dunedin for a 1 o’clock game (Park is pitching).  Guess where the media will be camped?  If you guessed Dunedin, you are incorrect.

Curt Retires
Curt Schilling announced his retirement yesterday.  The record book will show he last pitched in 2007 and that he put up some impressive numbers, especially the postseason.  He will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2013.

Had lunch yesterday with veteran scribes Bill Conlin (Daily News) and Hal Bodley (MLB.com) later chatted with Jayson Stark (ESPN.com).  Subject: is Curt a HOF pitcher.  General consensus: there was none.  On one hand, yes.  On the other hand, no.

One thing that is certain, Curt will be a member of the Phillies Wall of Fame some day.  According to our guidelines (“retired for three years”), he will be eligible in 2011, the same year that Mike Lieberthal is eligible. 

Curt won 101 games in nine seasons in a Phillies uniform.  Only Phillies with more wins: Steve Carlton (241), Robin Roberts (234), Grover Cleveland Alexander (190), Chris Short (132) and Curt Simmons (115).  All are in the Toyota Wall of Fame in Ashburn Alley.


How wonderful that Pat Burrell will be back on April 4….and how nice the Phillies are planning a little salute. I understand the reasons for his leaving the Phils, but he was a class player throughout his tenure

That class was never more apparent than when Pat ran his full color, half page in the Inquirer sports section on March 13 thanking the fans and the Phils. Pure class.

I have to contrast this with Chase Utley throwing the verbal f-bomb at Citizens Bank Park after the parade. EVERYONE in Philadelphia was watching and listening heard Chase say it. I was there with my granddaughter. There were lots of other little kids. I certainly did not appreciate Chase’s language in front of children, not that it is appropriate speech in front of adults either. Long after the fact, Chase stated he wasn’t endorsing the language he used and that children shouldn’t use such language. He did not apologize.

Before every game, a taped announcement by the ball girls plays at Citizens Bank Park telling fans that if they are offended by bad language, they should tell an usher or security person and the offender will be removed. Chase hurled the f-bomb without apparent consequences. It would not be out of line for the Phils to fine Chase for his conduct and forward the amount of the fine to Phillies’ Charities. At the very least, the Phils should arrange for Chase to publicly apologize to the team and its fans.

Pat = class! Chase, with out a public apology, = crass.

I am going to the game on April 4 and I look foward to see Pat Burrell. I hope to see J.A. Happ pitching. I do think that the entire Phillies lineup will be there.

Larry looking at your blog, you state ” Pat Burrell will make his first appearance in a different uniform. The Phillies are planning a little salute to him prior to the Friday, April 4, game.”

Looking at a calendar April 4th is a saturday, not sure if you meant the phillies will salute prior to the friday game on the 3rd or the original date you have listed the 4th but incorrect day written down.

Schill and Lieby on the same ballot – that’s going to be interesting. With those 2 guys, it always seemed like fans either loved them or hated them; not much grey area. Looking forward to that battle :O)


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