Two More Weeks

Two weeks from this evening, the team will be flying home.  At times, spring training seems to move at a snail’s pace.  At this stage, the days fly by quickly.

Anxious to get home but not anxious to leave this sunny, warm weather.  Never seen a spring with such consistent weather, temperatures in the 70s every day. 

With the team on the other coast for a couple of days, it is rather quiet at Bright House Field. 

Don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the current issue of TIME Magazine includes a feature on Ryan Howard.  J-Roll will be appearing in Men’s Fitness, Ruben Amaro Jr., Philadelphia Magazine and Charlie Manuel, Sports Illustrated.

HBO Special on Charlie is in final production stages.  It should air next month.

Did You Know?
**The number one souvenir item sold at Citizens Bank Park last season was the Foam Finger #1.

**The leading player uniform jersey among fans, #26, Chase.

**This year’s team payroll has exceeded $130 million.

**The payroll 20 years ago was $9.9 million.

**70 years ago, the Phillies held spring training in New Braunfels, TX.


Larry, thats not the only finger the other teams will see!

Spring training has seemed to drag with the WBC and all. Last year, we were playing regular season games at the end of march!


The foam finger? Wow. More proof that baseball is a kids game :O) When I was a kid at the Vet, the first souvenier I bought was a replica Phillies batting helmet; I wore it everywhere I went. My mom kept yelling at me to take it off…even brought it to school for show and tell. Don’t think they sell those anymore…not at the stadium, anyway. :O)


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