Road Trip

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for the White House, spoke to the team this morning at 8 about dealing with the media. 

Those of us in the game of baseball believe a media question about the condition of Cole Hamels is a major issue.  It is in the world of Phillies baseball and our fans. Ari dealt with questions concerning 9/11 and world peace.  Quite a difference.

Once a player becomes a professional, they are schooled on how to play the game, nutrition, security issues, wellness, health insurance issues, etc.  It makes sense to include media training since a major league baseball player has to deal with the media every day for six-seven months. 

Road Trip
34 players are listed on the travel roster, leaving by buses after today’s game for West Palm Beach. 

The Phillies have games tomorrow and Friday in Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter.  Tomorrow, the Marlins; Friday, the Cardinals.  Both teams share the stadium.

Outta Here
New advance scout Craig (Dewey) Colbert begins his life with a suite case.  After spending 4 weeks watching the Phillies and talking with Charlie and his staff, he left Clearwater today.  He’ll follow the Atlanta Braves for 10 days and then head for Arizona to watch the Rockies for 10 days.
The Braves and Rockies are the first two clubs the Phillies face during the regular season. 

Next on his schedule will be the Nationals.  Colbert’s reports will be sent to Charlie and his staff the first day of a series.

Camp Notes
While there is no baseball at Bright House Field the next two days, there are minor league games next door at Carpenter Complex.  Tomorrow, the Phillies two Class A clubs play the Pirates.  The AAA and AA clubs go to Bradenton to play the Pirates.  Friday, the opposite takes place at Carpenter Complex.

Game times are 1 in the afternoon; no admission charge.  Fans can float around Carpenter Complex to check out the action on the four diamonds.  Bleacher seats are available.  Fans can bring their own lawn chairs.  Wheelchair accessibility is plentiful. 

There are something like 170 players in uniform.  Good news, names are on the back of the jerseys. 






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