Game with Rays Sold Out

Buses left at 8 a.m. today for a 56-mile trip south to Sarasota and an afternoon game with the Reds.  32 players are on the trip.  As you’re aware by now, Adam Eaton has been released, lowering the camp number to 63.

Don Fehr, head of the players’ union, will be here tomorrow at 8:30, meeting with the players for a couple of hours.  He meets every club in spring training. 

Game tomorrow against the Rays is sold out.  500 standing room tickets will go on sale at 9 a.m. tomorrow at Bright House Field.  Temperature is supposed to climb to 77 degrees.  That’s 30 degrees higher than the last official game between the two clubs, World Series Game #5 at Citizens Bank Park.  The 47-degree temperature at game time went downhill from there and as everyone recalls, the night ended in a suspended game because of rain.  No rain forecast for tomorrow in Clearwater!

Pat Burrell will be here as the Rays’ DH.  Making the trip was his call and Pat wanted to be here.  I’m sure he’ll get an ovation from both sides’ fans.

Game will be televised in Philly area on Comcast SportsNet and nationally on the MLB Network.  Game can also be seen and heard on

When you come to a game at Bright House Field, bring your transistor radios.  Fans will now be able to hear the Phillies broadcasts on 1630 AM.  A new service for our fans.

Quote of the Day
“My helmet was rattling.  It was the loudest place I’ve ever been at one point in my career, for sure.”

The quote came from Eric Hinske, who made the last out in last fall’s World Series when he fanned against Brad Lidge.  Hinske is in the Pirates camp this spring.

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