First Clearwater Game

For two-plus weeks, it has been quiet at Bright House Field.  That changed today with the first Grapefruit League game in the six-year-old ballpark.  Gates opened at 10:35 a.m. for the 1 o’clock afternoon game.

Music is blaring on the PA system and you can hear the buzz of fans.  Weather is a picture-perfect Clearwater day.

Today’s schedule for the players:
**9:30 a.m., exercise, Bright House Field
**9:50 a.m., Pitchers long toss, Ashburn Field; position players, BHF.
**10:00 a.m., infield fundamentals, BHF and Ashburn.
**10:15 a.m., batting practice, BHF and Ashburn.
**12:52 p.m., player introductions.
**1:05 p.m., play ball.

Camp Notes
Bunch of Major League scouts are here today, a ritual at all spring games.  Two Phillies Alumni are among the batch of scouts, Jim Fregosi (Braves) and Lee Elia (Dodgers) . . . WIP AM radio show will be live from BHF again the next two mornings (5:30 Friday, 8 on Saturday morning). Angelo and company get to see the sun rise over the right field wall, a pretty picture.  (The sunrise is pretty; Angelo?) . . . Phillies are in Sarasota (Reds) tomorrow and then return to Clearwater to face the Rays on Saturday, the first meeting since the World Series . . . NL Teams are using the DH for home games during the early portion of the spring schedule.


What are the players going to pick as their songs this year? Jason Werth should pick Nickelback! It’s going to be another great season!

It was really fun to see Micky Morandini back with the team today! Hope he sticks around :O)


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