Phase I Ends

From my experiences, spring training is three Phases: I, can’t wait to get started; II, let’s start the games; III, let’s get out of here and start the regular season.

Players went through a shortened workout today (11:50 a.m. ending) so that many of them and the staff can play in the annual golf tournament.   It is a fun event that is followed by the Grapefruit League schedule, a time to make decisions on which 25 players will go north.

Decision-making begins tomorrow with a 1:05 game in Bradenton against the Pirates.  Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen will broadcast the game on WPHT 1210 AM and

The bulletin board in the center of the Phillies clubhouse has been a source of the daily schedule.  It is still the hub of information, but that information is a bit different:

**9:30 a.m. Wednesday, two buses for Bradenton depart.  Those not on the travel roster are required to be in uniform at that time for a workout at Bright House Field.

**Travel roster: if your name is highlighted in green, congratulations, you need to be on the bus.  32 players were “greened”, 11 being pitchers. 

**Starting lineup: also posted on the board.  Todd Zolecki will post in his The Zo Zone blog.

Frank Coppenbarger, the talented director of travel and clubhouse services, is the one who arranges the busses, among his many chores.  He’ll have two for every Florida road game. 

He sat down with a calculator and schedule and figured out the Phillies will use 222 buses starting tomorrow and through the regular season.  Approximate cost per bus is $500.00.

Camp Notes
ESPN TV,, USA TODAY and MLB Productions were here today . . . Also taking orders for the season: Louisville Sluggers and Nike . . . Gates open at 10:35 a.m. for Thursday’s first game at Bright House Field (Blue Jays, 1:05).


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Since you are taking orders, put in a few extra bats for me :O) Oh, and I could use a new pair of sneakers… Too much to ask? Oh well, I tried! See you at the games!


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