Let’s see…..the names are familiar….the uniforms are red pinstripes….Carpenter Field is familiar.  Has Phillies baseball started?

Well, sort of.

Phantasy Camp is underway today.   The names that appear above the lockers and on the jerseys aren’t familiar–a bunch of adults who are about to experience one of the great times of their lives.

But, then there’s Larry Andersen, Ricky Bottalico, Warren Brusstar, Marty Bystrom, Bob Dernier, Jim Eisenreich, Tommy Greene, Tyler Green, Terry Harmon, Ricky Jordan, Dave Hollins, Greg Luzinski, Mickey Morandini, Dickie Noles, Juan Samuel, Kevin Saucier, Kevin Stocker, Milt Thompson and Mitch Williams. 

Say hello to the camp instructors.  Activities conclude with games at Bright House Field. 

Scott Franzke is there as the MC for commissioner Andersen.  Scott Palmer is there as a participant.  He’ll post his experiences on this site next week.




I’ve always wanted to do a fantasy camp! Hope they all have a great time!


I would like to talk to you about possibley having some Phillies Alumni out to a local celebrity softball game to benefit a baseball league for children with mental and physical handicaps. Could you please contact me at the email address associated with this posting. Thank you

I am SO depressed that I am not there right now 😦 Maybe next year… :O)


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