Jimmy Rollins was somewhere in the crowd in DC today for this historic day.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, we held a media luncheon today, something we traditionally do at this time of the year.  Generally, it kicks off our Winter Tour.  But, this year, the focus is on a World Series Trophy Tour, which includes some phases of past Januarys.

Ruben Amaro Jr, Charlie Manuel, Scott Eyre and Ryan Madson were in attendance.  Madson has just signed a new, three-year contract.  He was the focus of numerous interviews.  Great news to have him in the fold.  He’s so important in the bullpen.

The bullpen’s 3.22 ERA was the best in the NL last year.  Over the final 56 days of the regular season and postseason, the bullpen was undefeated.

Charlie’s in York, PA, tomorrow night as part of the York Sports Night events.  The next night he’s at the Reading Phillies banquet.   Sunday and Monday nights, banquets in NY and Philly are on his schedule.  He then returns to his Florida pad and will start spring training with meetings on February 12 and 13. 

Scouting director Marti Wolever is holding three-day meetings in Omaha, NE, today, tomorrow and Thursday.  He’s joined by Rob Holiday, Billy Moore, Mike Ledna, Darrell Conner, Brian Kohlscheen, Gene Schall and Sal Agostinelli. 

Plans for scouting amateur baseball players is the focus of the meeting.  High school and college baseball begins next month in the south, southwest and southern California.  With the signing of Raul Ibanez, the Phillies gave up their number 1 selection to the Mariners, the 26th spot in the first round.

Not having that pick means Wolever and his staff will shift directions a bit.  There’s no sense in following the top dozen or so players.  Instead, they will concentrate on the next level of talent.

Future Phillies
The series will begin tomorrow, as opposed to today as I had mentioned last week. 


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