Cole's Signing Official

Its official, Cole Hamels has a new three-year contract, avoiding arbitration.  Good move for both sides.

The announcement came this morning with a press conference scheduled for this afternoon. Cole and Assistant GM Scott Proefrock will meet the media. That news will be covered on this site later.

Cole is working out in Clearwater five days a week.  He’ll be back in town next weekend for the Comcast SportsNet taping of “Meet the Phillies” on Saturday and receiving an award on Sunday night at the New York Baseball Writers Association black-tie banquet.  Brad Lidge is also being honored that night.

Arbitration Stuff
Both sides exchange figures tomorrow on the remaining six Phillies eligible for arbitration.  That doesn’t mean negotiations cease until the early February hearings.  Negotiations can continue until you sit down in the room for a hearing.  Traditionally, we try to avoid going to arbitration.  Ryan Howard’s case last year was our first since Travis Lee in 2001.

Of the six, Ryan Madson and Jayson Werth are the only ones who can become free agents after this season.   The urgency to sign them to multi-year deals is greater than the other four. 

Trophy Tour
The World Series Trophy Tour begins week 2 tomorrow with two appearances on Martin Luther King Day festivities in Philadelphia. The trophy traveled 900 miles last week, riding in the comfort of a Jeep Cherokee.  The week started in York, PA, and ended up last night in Kennett Square, PA.  February schedule is coming down the home stretch.  It will be posted on this site. Thanks to Teva Pharmaceuticals and Comcast SportsNet for sponsoring the tour.

J-Roll is heading to Washington, DC, on Tuesday for the historic inauguration . . . WSBGM blog points out Mike Lieberthal turns 37 today . . . Charlie Manuel and Scott Eyre will be in town this week for some appearances . . . Chase Utley continues his four-hour, five-days-a-week rehab program under head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan at Citizens Bank Park.  So far, so good with no setbacks.  They’ll take their act to Clearwater early next month . . . Four weeks from today we’ll be in day 2 of spring training workouts for pitchers and catchers. No more single-digit temperatures!  I’m a lousy Eskimo!

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Hi Larry,

Can you tell me if Phillies will be doing the Kids Fest again this year? It was a big hit last January but I had not seen anything about it yet. Thank you!!


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