It seems that when we win the World Series, MLB changes some of the rules or policies.

In 1980, Harry Kalas, Richie Ashburn, Andy Musser and Chris Wheeler were not permitted to broadcast the World Series games on radio.  That belonged to the networks.  Fortunately, there was feedback from fans and us and the policy was changed.

Last October, Game 5 became the first World Series game to be suspended.  Remember, it rained and the game was called after 5.5 innings, 2-2 was the score. Commissioner Bud Selig made a decision that the game would be suspended because he felt no postseason game should less than a full game.

This week, owners formally amended two notable Major League rules. MLB Rules now provide that all postseason games become suspended games if they are called, regardless of how many innings have been played or the score at the time the game is called.  A suspended game is resumed and played to completion at the same site.

Also, coin flips no longer will determine home-field advantage in tie-breaker games that determine a Division Championship or the Wild Card.  Instead, sites for such games will be determined by a set of performance-based criteria that will begin with the head-to-head record between the tied clubs. 

Pat Gillick asked me to sit in on the coin-flip conference call last September.  We won all flips, assuring us of four home games.  So, my calls go down in history as the last ones.   Don’t know if that is good or sad.

Alumni Notes
Good to hear that Mickey Morandini will be in spring training as a guest instructor, joining Alumni Mike Schmidt (February 16-27) and Garry Maddox (February 16-22).

Mickey will start in the major league camp on February 24 and switch to the minor league camp on March 5.  He’ll head back home on March 12, home being Indiana.

Rico Brogna, a scout for the Diamondbacks, has accepted a position as assistant football coach at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, near his home.


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