Top Ten

At this time of the year Baseball America publishes the top 10 prospects of every major league club.  In their most recent edition, they did the NL East teams.

In case you missed it, here are our top 10 prospects in the eyes of the publication:

1. OF Dominic Brown
2. RHP Carlos Carrasco
3. C Lou Marson
4. SS Jason Donald
5. RHP Kyle Drabek
6. OF Michael Taylor
7. C Travis D’Arnaud
8. OF Zach Collier
9. LHP J.A. Happ
10. RHP Jason Knapp

As part of the Phillies two-page spread were several charts, including the following:

Best hitter for average: Brown
Best power hitter: Taylor
Best strike-zone discipline: Marson
Fastest baserunner: OF Quintin Berry
Best athlete: 3B Anthony Hewitt
Best fastball: Carrasco
Best curveball: Drabek
Best slider: RHP Mike Stutes
Best changeup: Carrasco
Best control: RHP Mike Cisco
Best defensive catcher: Marson
Best defensive infielder: SS Freddy Galvis
Best infield arm: Galvis
Best defensive outfielder: CF Anthony Gose
Best outfield arm: Brown

Starting next week, a seven-part series will begin in Phillies Insider entitled Future Phillies.  Bio info, stats and scouting reports will be posted on more than 50 young players in our minor league system.  The series will start on Tuesday and end on February 10.






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If Dominic is our number one guy… Why isn’t he coming to Spring Training???

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