Week two of this month is upon us and a bevy, herd, gaggle, flock, army of free agents are still sitting out there.  Read somewhere this weekend, there’s something like 120 free agents remaining.

A bunch of former Phillies is included in the number: Bobby Abreu, So Taguchi, Tom Gordon, Rudy Seanez, Paul Byrd, Jon Lieber, Todd Jones, Freddy Garcia, Aquilino Lopez, Curt Schilling, Russ Springer, Randy Wolf, Ramon Martinez, Gary Bennett and Sal Fasano.

A couple of those names were on Ruben’s radar earlier this offseason.  Another reliever and a right-handed bat for the bench are still on his wish list.  When that will come to a head isn’t known right now.

What is known is the economics of adding another couple of players.  As everyone knows, the Phillies have a large arbitration list that may require large dollars in the end. 

Economics throughout the game is the main reason 120 players remain unsigned.




And economics is the same reason we are all counting the days until 1/20. :O)


I think the economy is the #1 reason so many are unsigned. I’m sure many teams are worried about selling tickets.


I’m wondering if, considering the Romero situation, whether we need to get another lefthander for the bullpen or if Eyre can get us through the 50 games. I’m sure cost would be a factor.
I hope this doesn’t derail Happ as a potential starter and they stick him in relief. He’s a starting pitcher, IMO.

Appreciation for this inofraimton is over 9000—thank you!

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