Back in business

Back in the office again after a holiday break.  Spent yesterday flipping back and forth between the MLB Network and the Eagles/Vikings game.  MLB Network was replaying Game 4 of the World Series.  Love those replays because of the outcome.

It was really strange sitting there with the TV control.  Joe Buck was live on the Eagles game and on tape with the World Series game. 

Yes, thanks to the readers last year.  Of the top 100 blogs on, Phillies Insider ranked 29th. 

Thanks, too, to the comments that were posted over the holiday break, especially to

“I was in Philly a few years ago when the Rays played the Phillies in Citizens Ballpark.  I was so impressed with the features of the stadium. Ashburn Alley really caught me eye as well as the perfect sight lines down the lines in right field.  I was there for Games 4 and 5, but could not stay for Game 5.5 (World Series).

“Congrats again on a fantasic 2008, with a kick of a ring for the finger. Look forward to the April 1-2 series up in Citizens Park when hopefully the weather will be beautiful and the air crisp with springtime.”

Philly vs. New York
Congratulations to the Eagles, first for getting into the playoffs and second for yesterday’s win in Minneapolis.

Now, the Eagles face the Giants in the Meadowlands.  Philly vs. New York is a rivalry that is one of the best. 

Oh, everyone claims the Red Sox-Yankees and Dodgers-Giants are better in baseball but there’s nothing better right now than the Phillies vs. the Mets.  Both are very good teams and both have players that add spice to the rivalry by yapping.

Now, we have the Eagles and the Giants.  All of Philadelphia is rooting for the Birds.

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions?

This year I’m trying reverse resolutions:

–eat more
–exercise less
–like the Yankees
–start skydiving
–avoid fruit
–take Geritol
–smile less often
–supplement my diet with candy, ice cream, pies and cake
–blog more brilliantly

A friend said: “The best resolution is to forget the resolutions.” 

Happy Birthday
This month:
**Saturday, the 3rd: Darren Daulton (47)
**Yesterday: Charlie Manuel (65)
**Today: Danny Jackson (47) Milt Thompson (50), Bob Dernier (52)
**Tomorrow: Ruben Amaro Sr. (73)
**22nd: Carlos Ruiz (30)

This Date
In baseball history…
1920 – The Yankees announce the purchase of Babe Ruth. The deal had been delayed until Ruth agreed to terms believed to be $40,000 total for two years. 

Times have changed!

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“It was really strange sitting there with the TV control. Joe Buck was live on the Eagles game and on tape with the World Series game. ”

I was doing the same thing, and thought the same thing! I was saying to my Mom and a friend – “This is really weird. Joe Buck is announcing the Eagles and the Phillies at the same time!” Of course, we knew the Phillies game was on replay, but it still was weird. I enojoyed all the TB/Phillies W.S. games (except the one the Rays won of course) and the replay of the Phillies NLCS win over Dodgers!

Heard the news of Pat Burrell signing with the Rays. Wish he could have stayed here, but his outfielding days were about numbered and he is now suited as a DH, and he can be a mentor for the younger guys on the Rays. I just hope he does not help the Rays beat the Phillies in the W.S. in 2009!

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