2008, a great Phillies year

Yes, 2008 was a great year for the Phillies. Charlie Manuel’s World Championship team will never be forgotten, never.  What a magical ride we took in October, ending with an emotional parade on Halloween.  Philadelphia celebrated a championship and millions of fans shared in the joy.

Happy New Year . . . peace, prosperity and good health to everyone.

Oh, another World Series trophy would be nice.




Happy New Year, and health and prosperity to you and yours.
Here’s to more Red Octobers and more parades!!

It’s been a great year but i’m just scared I’ll have to wait another 28 years for a championship. but of course that won’t happen because we are winning it again next year

Tremendous memories from 2008 for all us Phillie fans; best wishes for more in 2009.

What a special, magical, unforgettable season with a special bunch of guys. We will NEVER, EVER forget the 2008 Phillies! They will live in our hearts forever like the 1980/83 and 1993 teams! Cheers to another great year in 2009!

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