Wild Thing on National TV

The Wild Thing is moving up in the media world.

Mitch Williams, a closer who pitched for the Phillies from 1991-93, has joined the new Major League Baseball TV Network that launches at 6 p.m. ET on January 1.

Mitch will be one of several studio analysts as MLB Network rivals ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Show. 

Mitch has been involved with the electronic media in Philadelphia, as a post-game analyst on Comcast SportsNet’s shows after Phillies games, a 30-minute talk show on WPHT radio before Phillies games and an occasional guest on WIP radio.

More about the MLB network in a day or two.


This is great news to me. I always enjoy listening to Mitch’s perspective on Comcast whenever in Philly but, unfortunately, that isn’t very often. As a transplanted Phils fan now living in our 50th state, I will look forward to The Wild Thing doin’ his thing nationally now on the new MLB network! Hauoli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year).

Have seen Mitch on MLBN Hot Stove and glad we can still see him. I read somewhere he will still do Phillies post game live on Comcast a couple nights a week. Congrats Mitch! Keep on “doing your wild thing”! I still love you!

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