Happy Holidays

 ‘Twas the eve of another holiday season in the Phillies’ home,
 Not a creature was stirring, not even the big green drone

 Pinstriped uniforms were once hung with care
 But now the clubhouse is totally bare

 Instead there is an electric train and a decorated tree
 Creating a beautiful picture of holiday glee

 In the stands where the fans used to cheer
 All is totally quiet to anyone’s ear

 From Phillie Phanatic to Bull’s BBQ
 Nothing could be spotted from anyone’s view

Charlie’s crew gave us the utmost thrill in ’08,
Winning a World Championship, oh so great
Now, there’s a new piece of jewelry in sight,
A World Series Trophy which sparkles so bright
 While nestling in for a long winter’s nap
 One realized something big again is on tap

 Jimmy, Ryan, Chase, Brett, Brad, Shane and Cole
 Will soon be back in the field ready to roll
One can hardly wait for spring training to start
But until then, there’s only one thing on the chart
Goosebumps from a typical Harry Kalas call:
 “Happy Holidays to one and all!”



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