Thank You Pat

With the expected arrival of Raul Ibanez, the career of Pat Burrell in Phillies pinstripes appears to be over.  Both are leftfielders.

The 32-year-old Burrell came to town as the overall first pick in the 1998 draft out of the University of Miami.  He left with his name etched in the Phillies all-time record book.  Consider:

Home runs, 251, ranking him behind Del Ennis (259) and Mike Schmidt (548).
RBI, 7th (827).
Extra-base hits, 8th (518).
Sacrifice flies, 8th (42).
Walks, 5th (785)
Strikeouts, 2nd (1,273).

Yes, Pat struck out but all sluggers do.  Ryan Howard will some day pass Pat.

Some day, too, Pat will be back to be inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame.  His career certainly entitles him to that honor. 

Pat will surface with another team and we wish him well.  His last hit as a Phillie led to the decisive run that gave us the World Championship.  We’ll always remember that and much more about Pat.

Thanks for the memories.




I’ll always remember the hit in the World Series (just feet from being the game winning HR!), and the ride down Broad Street on the beer truck.
Pat had a turbulent time here in Philly, but he was a gamer. He never let the negative vibes get him down.

Thanks, and good luck Pat. Hopefully in the American League. I don’t want to see your patented line drive home runs to left at CBP in another uniform.

From the triple off Billy Wagner at Enron (as it was called then) in his first game as a Phillie to the double high off the CF angle in CBP in his last game as Phillie, Pat brought a great attitude and tremendous class to the organization. He will be missed.

Pat the Bat signed with the Rays today, according to the Alert report on Comcast, and interview with Pat. I hope he does well there, except when he faces the Phillies! He will be good as a DH and as a mentor for the younger guys.
It will sure be strange not seeing him in Phillies pinstripes. I will miss you Pat! Good Luck with the Rays.

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