Arbitration Deadline

Offer arbitration or don’t.

That’s the decision the Phillies have to make by midnight Monday, the first day of the last month of the year.

Jamie Moyer, Pat Burrell, Flash Gordon and Rudy Seanez are free agents the Phillies need to consider making arbitration offers.

Jamie and Pat are type A free agents.  If the Phillies offer arbitration and they sign elsewhere, the Phillies receive a couple of draft picks next summer.  No arbitration offer means no compensation should they leave.  No arbitration offer doesn’t mean the Phillies can’t continue to negotiate with either or both.

Players offered arbitration have until Sunday, December 7, to accept.  Once a player accepts, he is under contract for 2009.  Both sides can negotiate a contract or let an arbitrator make the decision in early February.

It will be interesting to see if type A or type B free agents are offered contracts at Monday’s deadline.  Players not offered then become available with no strings attached, making them more attractive.

Last week I wrote that December 7 was the non-tender deadline.  That is in correct.  As just explained, December 7 is the deadline for players offered arbitration.

December 12 is the deadline for tendering contracts. Jayson Werth and Chad Durbin were both signed by the Phillies after they had been non-tendered by the Dodgers and Tigers, respectively.

The Hot Stove League is about to heat up. 




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