More Awards

Awards keep coming in for the Phillies.  No, they haven’t won the major awards (Cy Young, MVP, Manager) but other organizations are recognizing them.

Last week, the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame presented the Phillies with a Pride of Philly Award for their championship efforts last month.

Last night, the Philadelphia Sports Fans Choice Awards were dominated by the Phillies.  Two Pitcher of the Year honors were presented to Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge.  Cole was there to accept his award, Brad was on the phone from Colorado thanking everyone.

The Outstanding Team Achievement Award went to the Phillies.  Cole accepted that on behalf of the organization.

The MVP for Philadelphia athletes went to Ryan Howard, who, like Brad, accepted the award via telephone from Arizona.

Last night capped another event in the busy schedule of Cole and his wife, Heidi. 

Shane Victorino was honored by the Hawaii Winter Baseball League three days ago.  His event took place on the Les Murakami Stadium field prior to the Honolulu Sharks and Waikiki BeachBoys game.  The Flin” Hawaiian threw out the first pitch to Little Leaguer Pikai Winchester.  Can’t imagine how excited Pikai must have been.

Shane is hosting a fundraising golf tournament for the Alzheimer’s Association Aloha Chapter on Saturday.  Billed as “A Round to Remember”, the event will take place at the Maui Prince Makena Resort.  Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins will be among the celebrities along with Hawaii baseball natives Kurt Suzuki (Oakland catcher) and Brandon League (Toronto pitcher).

Ryan, J-Roll and Shane on a golf course?  Will highlights be on the Golf Channel or the Comedy Channel?

Shouldn’t make fun of the event because Alzheimer’s is close to Shane’s family.  “My mom’s mother passed away with Alzheimer’s a few years ago,’ said Shane in the Honolulu Advertiser. 

“She was struggling with Alzheimer’s and that was tough, so I felt I could give back.  And they needed help, so I spoke with some of the people with the chapter here in Hawaii,” he explained.

That’s another great quality of the World Champions.  They are champions on the field and in the community.  Pretty strong combination.


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