The MVP winner is…..

Who’ll win the MVP race?

It appears to be a three-horse race, first basemen Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols and outfielder Manny Ramirez.

Two writers from each NL city voted.  Ballots were due the day after the season ended.  Tomorrow at 2 p.m., we’ll know the answer.

Howard had the big month of September when it meant the most.  He put the team on his shoulders and led them to the Division title. 

Ramirez limped around Boston, got traded and carried the Dodgers to their Division title. 

Pujols put up awesome numbers all season but his Cardinals finished 11 ½ games behind the Cubs.

When Howard won in 2006, Pujols questioned that a player from a non-division winner should be an MVP. Well, he now faces that prospect.

The Phillies have won the last two, Howard and J-Roll.  Will it be a trifecta?

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