New Heroes

What a great feeling!  World Champion Phillies.

The 2008 Phillies have made their mark in our franchise history. A generation of fans has heroes that will last their lifetime.  Oh, the 1980 Champs won’t be forgotten but that club has fallen from the top.

You’ve read and heard all the news accounts.  No need to review that here.

If you haven’t had a chance, you must reach Shane Victorino’s blog. 

Cole on TV
Cole Hamels became the fifth player to win the MVP Award in both the League Championship Series and World Series.  He’ll be in New York tonight for the David Letterman Show.

Others who have won both awards include Willie Stargell (1979), Darrell Porter (1982), Orel Hershiser (1988) and Livan Hernandez (1997).

Red Sox Treat
“Congratulations on an amazing season!  Understanding that it’s a lot of work planning a celebration we are sending lunch from our organization,” Jahaan Blake, Manager of Fan Services and Entertainment for the Boston Red Sox, said in an e-mail today.

Lo and behold 58 pizzas arrived at the Phillies Citizens Bank Park offices at noon today.

“We treated the White Sox staff when they won in 2005, the year after we were World Champions, and wanted to extend the gesture to the Phillies,” she added. Very classy.

Congratulatory E-mails
“Congratulations to the Phillies for their hard work and dedication; the fans for their loyalty and patience and the owners and front office for building a world class organization. I’ve never been prouder to be a Phillie,” Steve Carlton.

“Congratulations to Charlie, the coaches and players. The Philly fans were fantastic. When a team wins the World Series, everyone contributes, including the fans. When does spring training start?,”  Robin Roberts.

“I would like to congratulate the Phillies on winning the 2008 World Series. It was very exciting to see my ex-teammates celebrating a championship victory. The Phillies were a courageous team during the entire season and they certainly deserve this title. Please express my joy to all the players, the organization and most specially the fans for waiting faithfully for so many years to celebrate this well deserved triumph,” Bobby Abreu. 


“The Phighting Phillies are the World Champions, the team of my childhood and my entire life.  The names and numbers on the uniforms change but somehow that name on the front of the uniform stirs our very soul,” Joe Bonsall / Oak Ridge Boys. (Born and raised in Kensington!!)

Among the other congrats that poured in: the Tampa Bay Rays, Ned Colletti (Dodgers GM), Juan Samuel, The Dave Matthews Band, Steve Capus (President of NBC News), Craig Shoemaker (comedian), Tom Brandi (professional wrestler), John Leclair (Flyers), Michael Volpe (the “free agent fan” who picked the Phillies in 1995) and Joe Giglio (one of the Four Aces).

Baseball Hall of Fame
The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum will open an exhibit dedicated to the 2008 World Series and the Philadelphia Phillies’ World Championship in mid-November in Cooperstown, N.Y. The exhibit will feature a number of treasures donated by members of the Phillies and Rays to represent the 104th Fall Classic.

The items received from members of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies:
Jersey from World Series MVP Cole Hamels worn during Game Five
Bat used by Ryan Howard during Game Four
Spikes worn by Jayson Werth throughout the Series
Cap worn by Eric Bruntlett during home games of the Series
Helmet worn by Carlos Ruiz
Bat used by Joe Blanton for home run in Game Four

Additional items received from the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays:
Cap worn in Philadelphia by manager Joe Maddon
Road jersey worn by Carl Crawford in World Series
Spikes worn by B.J. Upton during World Series

The World Series case highlights the Museum’s Autumn Glory exhibition, documenting the history of baseball’s postseason. The 2008 World Series case will remain on exhibit through the 2009 postseason.



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Congrats to all in Phillies land!!! A great victory to a great group of guys who showed everyone what it means to be a team. Now go celebrate!! :O)


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