Historic Game 5

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Just a very busy day on many fronts.  Plus, energy was one bar like a cell phone. 
We are about to witness baseball history tonight when Game 5 is resumed.  A suspended game in the World Series has never happened.  We will start a game without a National Anthem, first ball ceremony, introduction of starting lineups, etc.  Very bizarre.
The Rays have checked out of their Wilmington hotel and will head south after the game.  The Phillies came to the park with their personal bags packed and a Delta charter waiting for them at the airport.  Let’s hope the Delta aircraft returns to its Atlanta base empty tonight.
Trivia Answer
Forgot to provide the answer on Monday to Sunday’s trivia question: Who holds the Phillies record for most RBI in a World Series game?  Milt Thompson was the right answer with 5 (Game 4, Oct. 10, 1993, vs. Toronto).  Ironically, Ryan Howard tied the record on Sunday night.
Laura Managanello is the winner of the Milt Thompson autographed baseball.  Please contact me.

Comment Corner
A few comments about the 8:30 starting times.  That has been pretty much the same story this decade.  Prime time is the key reason.  Heck, I believe the NCAA championship game starts at 9 p.m.


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Can anyone tell me what Brad Lidge said immediately after throwing the winning pitch? I would really like to know. 🙂 Help…..


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