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Ten buses took the team, family, club officials and front office staff after Game 2 last night to 2 different airports. Two Delta charters awaited the group, the team charter at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater airport and the front office charter at the Tampa airport.

The team charter touched down at the Philadelphia airport at 3:50 a.m., shortly after the front office plane had landed.  The bus parade took everyone to Citizens Bank Park, where three TV crews were waiting for the team.  By the time the luggage was unloaded, a drive to home and unpacking, it was time for good night or good morning.  The friendly alarm clock read 5:45 a.m.  I was told a long time ago if you want to be in baseball, you need to learn to sleep fast.

Game 2
Offense just couldn’t get the key hit or contact with runners in scoring position.  We were 1-for-15.  The Rays, meanwhile, scored 4 runs, 3 coming on outs during which they made contact with runners in scoring position.  That was the story of the game and now the series is 1-1.  Brett pitched well enough to win but he wound up with the defeat.

For a player’s viewpoint, check out Shane Victorino’s blog.

Kerwin Danley, working his first World Series game behind the plate, appeared to blow 2 calls against us.  Umpires are humans. There are good humans, bad humans, good umpires, bad umpires, good players, bad players, good blogs, bad blogs.  The absence of clutch hitting was the reason for the loss, not the ump.

A fan wanted to know why we didn’t protest the game.  You can only file a protest if there is an infraction in baseball playing rules.  You can’t protest judgment calls and in this case, both were judgment calls.

In 2 games against the Rays, we had 17 hits, 10 walks, 5 runs and 22 runners left on base.  We are now 8-3 in postseason games, having scored at least 3 runs in all 8 wins.  In the losses, we have scored 2 runs or less.

Bottom line, we are 1-1 going into our home.  We all know Phillie fans will be pumped for the next 3 games.  The noise will be loud because of all the passion the fans have for this team.  It will be louder in outdoors Citizens Bank Park than indoors Tropicana Field, best known as cowbell country.

We were 48-33 at home during the regular season; the Rays were 40-41 on the road.

Remember when Jimmy said before the season we would 100 games?  Well, Game 1’s win put us at the century mark.

Robin’s Nest
Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts offers his views on Game 2:

“The Rays showed how solid a team they are.  They scored three runs on infield outs, including that squeeze bunt.  Shields was steady.  He has been that way all season. Like Cole, he has a very effective change-up. I was surprised he didn’t finish the sixth inning but Joe Maddon uses the bullpen quite like Charlie.  It sure has worked for both managers.

“We just couldn’t get any clutch hits at all.  It didn’t work out last night but let’s get to Game 3, Moyer against Garza.  Interesting match-up.  Bring out the towels.”

Both teams worked out at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies from 3-5 this afternoon and the Rays followed.  Two reps for each team were in the interview room and clubhouses were open to the media.  Clubhouses are closed pre-game during postseason games.  It should be that way.

Mother Nature is threatening to interfere with a rainy forecast. 

Any decision involving the game is in the hands of Major League Baseball and not the home team.  MLB will monitor the forecast throughout the day tomorrow.

MLB has determined, IF, tomorrow’s game is not played, Game 3 will then take place on Sunday night; Game 4, moves to Monday night, and Game 5, if necessary, shifts to Tuesday night, which currently is a travel day for both teams.

For the latest news on the weather and the game, check in with



Game 3. Listen Phillies. When we step into the pitch, lets just point our lead foot to the part of the field where we want the ball to go. Forget trying to swing early or late to place the ball.

My home town boy and my favorite phillie of a time!
Milt Thompson!
Laura from Williamstown (his hometown!!)

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