Dobbs DH

Tonight’s Lineup

Rollins, ss

Werth, rf

Utley, 2b

Howard, 1b

Burrell, lf

Victorino, cf

Dobbs, dh

Feliz, 3b

Ruiz, c

Brilliant pitching by Cole, Ryan and Brad did it.  The offense just couldn’t get a key hit which could have blown open the game. We especially had chances in the second and third innings to put some space between us.  In the end, pitching will tell and it told big time for the Phillies in Game 1.

Robin’s Nest
Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts offers his views from Game 1:

“Great pitching and big win for Phillies.  Cole was very strong again.  His playoff performance has shown the baseball world what a solid young pitcher he has become.

“Brad was as good as he can be.  His slider is different from any other I have seen.  It must be a tough pitch to follow if you haven’t faced him before, which is the case for the Rays.

“I’ve seen the Rays play a lot of games this year on television.  They are an outstanding team.  They have come back to win many games.  Two right-handers with good stuff in Game 2, Myers and Shields.  It would be nice if the hitters pick it up a little but, on second thought, we will take another just like Game 1.”

Don’t forget Shane Victorino’s blog for more inside views.

Kerfeld’s Korner
Charley Kerfeld, Special Assistant to Pat Gillick, has scouted the Rays.  His report on Shields:

“Throws a fast ball in the 88-93 range with a ton of sink and life.  Has a good cut fast ball at 86-89, a slow curve at 74-77 and a slider, 80-83.  The slider is a small breaking one.  His best pitch is a change up.  He uses in tight spots.  He and Kazmir are two very good pitchers and very different type of pitchers.”

Returning Home
We leave on another Delta charter flight after the game and get in somewhere around 4 a.m.  Both teams will work out at Citizens Bank Park in the late afternoon.

Today is the 500th Phillies Insider blog.  Thanks for reading.  Only 50,000 more to go! 





Congrats on #500!! GO PHILLIES!!! 🙂 It is great to go to work here in New Jersey and have some of the Mets and Yankees fans congratulate me on the Phillies winning game 1! This is the first time the Phillies have been in the World Series since I became a phan, and I love having a HUGE case of Phillies Phever!!

Charlie Manuel should phone Cole and ask him today (Tuesday) how he feels about staying in the game. He will be pitching the last game of the year and will have nearly 48 hours between outings. Time to put some heat on the left arm…and get a rubdown or two. The psychology of seeing him still in the game would devastate the Rays. He only threw 75 pitches last night.

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