Underdogs Again

Here we go again.  Underdogs, unappreciated, no respect.  Call it whatever you want. 

Vegas has the Rays winning.  ESPN.com poll, same results, 60-40 percent against us.  That’s not even close.

That’s OK.  We do well under the radar.

Whatever the media buzz, the Phillies don’t appear to be bothered.  They are hungry, focused and committed and odds makers/experts can’t factor that into predictions.  Difficult to measure heart.

Gillick chaired a meeting of his staff, the five scouts who followed the Rays and Charlie and his staff at the hotel today.  Meeting started in the a.m. and spilled over until the 2 o’clock bus.

We worked out again at Tropicana Field this afternoon (3-5) with Charlie and Cole doing the interview room prior to the workout.

Tonight, MLB is hosting a huge Gala for both organizations, sponsors and baseball executives.  The same event will take place Friday evening in Philadelphia.

World Wide
Through Major League Baseball International, the World Series will be broadcast in 13 different languages covering 229 countries and territories.  Plus, all men and women serving in the Armed Forces.  Imagine how thrilling that must be for a Phillies fan serving this country to be able to see or hear his/her team in the big dance.

Philly Media
27 writers from seven different papers, six photographers and 32 crew members from 5 different TV stations are here from the Philadelphia market.

MLB requests 600 seats for media and 75 still photo locations.

FOX has several hundred people credentialed. 

Don’t forget, Shane Victorino and the Phillies Ballgirls have blogs on this site.  Carlos Pena does on rays.com.

This Date

28 years ago tonight we won the World Championship.  Time to replace those heroes with new ones.


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