We're Here

We’re here!  Yep, downtown St. Petersburg, just down the road from Tropicana Field.

Four buses, accompanied by a police escort, left Citizens Bank Park late this morning for the airport in Philly.  A group of fans, led by Citizens Bank employees, were on hand for the send off.  TV cameras were at the park and airport.  We were in the air on a Delta charter at 12:30 p.m. and landed just over 2 hours later.

Charlie scheduled a 5:30 workout this evening at Tropicana Field and again Tuesday afternoon.  The Rays are also working out both days.

Tomorrow, six buses filled with sponsors and front office employees will be flying here.  They will be staying at various Clearwater Beach hotels.  Phillies always take their employees to two games of the Series.  We also entertain our major sponsors.  When the Series shifts to Philly, all our scouts and player development staff will be brought in for the games.

Looking Back
The final best-of-seven season starts on Wednesday.  Back on Wednesday, February 20, our players were fitted for new uniforms for the 2008 season before a morning spring training workout in Clearwater.  Eight months later, we are starting the World Series at Tropicana Field which is 16.89 miles from Bright House Field.  I guess you could say it took us eight months to travel 16 miles.

Phone calls, e-mails, text messages…..nearly everyone with the Phillies is being contacted for World Series tickets.  Some are people we haven’t heard from in years.  Phillies Fever is running a high temperature now and we understand the interest.

It reminds me of a Yogi Berra story.  Some 50 years ago, Yogi asked his mother if she wanted World Series tickets.  Her response, “Where are the seats.”  Yogi replied, “Mom, you are facing the field.”

WS Note
Came across this on a fan blog….we have played every American League East team in the World Series: Red Sox (1915), Yankees (1950), Orioles (1983), Blue Jays (1993) and now the Rays.  Don’t ask our record.


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“Tomorrow, six buses filled with sponsors and front office employees will be flying here.” Wow! When you make it to the World Series, they even give you flying buses.

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