Workout Day

Both teams worked out at Citizens Bank Park this afternoon, the Brewers at 1 and the Phillies at 3.

To help accommodate the media, an interview room is used prior to the workouts and then pre- and post-game for all postseason games.  Dale Sveum, Yovani Gallardo and Ryan Braun were there at noon with Charlie and Cole at 2.

Media for a Division Series: MLB requires 125 seats, a working press room and 25 still photographer locations.  Those numbers increase during the LCS and WS.

Roster Story
Gillick will oversee a meeting following our workout.  Meeting is two-fold, finalize the postseason roster.  Deadline for filing that with MLB is 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. 

Second, scouts Gordon Lakey, Charley Kerfeld, Chuck LaMar and Hank King will review the Brewers.  We’ve been scouting them even though we played them a little more than two weeks ago.

More Blogs
Phillies ballgirls are also blogging on this site.  For a different perspective, check out their thoughts:

In addition, Shane will be offering his thoughts on a blog.

Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts will be a guest analyst in this space after each Phillies postseason game.  And, Charlie’s lineup will be posted first right here.

Before I forget, happy birthday today to Roberts, a spry 82 today.

Citizens Bank Park
Media has labeled the park as a bandbox, among other names. publishes a Park Factor in which numbers are crunched: the rate of stats at home vs. the rate on the road.

When the park opened in 2004, it ranked 5th among all parks in the category of home runs.  A year ago, it was first.  This year, 11th.  Check the numbers:

CBP Home Runs  Phillies  Enemy
2007                   116        125
2008                   109         80

Writers also point out Ryan is playing in a small, hitter-friendly park.  For his career: 90 at home, 87 on the road.  That’s pretty even.  When Ryan unloads, the Grand Canyon can’t hold his drives.

In Boston, a home run needs to travel just 303 feet down the right field foul line.  Yet, Fenway is considered a shrine.

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