Sept 29

“There is Only One October.”

That’s baseball’s theme for next month and for the second straight year, we’re there instead of home watching on TV.

As the players have said all weekend, there’s more business to be done.

A handful of players popped in and out of the clubhouse today.  Those needing medical attention were told to be here between 10 and 1.  Shane says his bruised shin from Saturday is OK and he’ll play on Wednesday.

Charlie and Dubee were also in today.  Hamels is starting Wednesday and they are working on the rotation beyond that.  At some point, scouts that have been following the Brewers, Chuck LaMar and Charley Kerfeld, will huddle with the coaching staff.  Hank King, our advance scout for the 25 years, will also provide reports.  We played the Brewers four games here earlier this month but LaMar and Kerfield have been them the last couple of weeks.

Mike Boekholder, head groundskeeper, turned to being an artist this afternoon, painting the NLDS logos on the field.

Both the Brewers and Phillies will work out tomorrow afternoon.  Neither workout is open to the public.

We’ve had inquiries as to why no rally towels on Sunday.  Simple….we decided to pass after clinching on Saturday.  Don’t worry, rally towels return for every postseason game.

Also had some complaints about the regulars being rested during Fan Appreciation Day on Sunday.  Charlie was well aware of the day.  He felt resting them and not risking injury was the proper route.  Brad, Jimmy and Chase thanked the fans pre-game with Ryan, Pat and Shane coming out of the dugout during that little ceremony.

Robin’s Nest
Pleased to let all Phillies Insider readers know that Hall of Famer Robin Roberts will be a guest analyst in this space after every Phillies postseason game.

Don’t forget, Charlie’s starting lineup will be posted here first prior to every game. is also home of another blog, The Phillies Ballgirls.

And, Shane Victorino has agreed to blog during the postseason on this site.

If you aren’t aware or live in Pocatello, ID, Phillies postseason merchandise is on sale on this site.



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Robin AND Shane! Wow..thanks! :O) And I am not sure where Pocatello, ID is, but I know I will avoid going there anytime soon. :O) Where I will be going is to the game tomorrow! Can’t wait to see this train get moving…


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