MVP Definition

Today’s Lineup
Rollins, ss
Werth, rf
Utley, 2b
Howard, 1b
Burrell, lf
Victorino, cf
Feliz, 3b
Ruiz, c
Moyer, p

Charlie changed the lineup slightly last night, putting chase in the three hold in front of Ryan.  It paid off big time and quick.

Ryan delivered a 3-run homer in the first and a run-scoring double in the second, right after Chase cleared the bases with a double.  Joe allowed 1 earned run in 6 innings and the Phillies reduced their magic number to one.

The atmospheric conditions last night were London-like, a heavy mist, northeast wins blowing in.
J-Roll tested the winds as the first batter but his drive to center weakened because of the mist and wind.

Four batters later Ryan demonstrated his brutal strength by driving a ball in the same direction.  This one landed in the Phillies bullpen.  He gave a new meaning to MVP….Most Vicious Power.

The sell-out throng wasn’t dampened by the dampness and they got into it real quick because of 7 runs in the first 2 innings.  With rally towels in full force, the crowd chanted MVP, MVP, MVP after each of Ryan’s run-scoring at-bats.

As mentioned yesterday, Frank Coppenbarger addressed the team at 3:15 in the afternoon.  He was reviewing potential postseason dates and travel plans.  When he was finished, Charlie blurted out sternly, “Ok, let’s go, dam it. Let’s go!” 

They went out and got it.

This Date
In Phillies history…………
9/27/77:  Phillies clinch second NL East title, 15-9, at Chicago.  Winning pitcher Larry Christenson hits a grand slam homer in the 7th inning.


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