Plenty of Possibilities

Someone once said, “Anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy.”

Well, say hello to the Phillies season.  Atlanta kicked us good last night as Brett had his second straight sub-par outing (location of pitches) after being on a spectacular roll.  That happens in baseball. 

Last night’s news wasn’t all bad as the Cubs knocked off the Mets.

Today is a welcome day off for the Phillies players.  This game can be tiring mentally and physically and we get a break.  Not the same for the Mets and Brewers, who play tonight.

Tomorrow, we open a three-game series with Washington, Florida goes to the Mets and the Cubs go to Milwaukee.

A lot can happen.  We could win the division, earn a wildcard berth, tie for something or cry in our beer.  If we are involved in any ties, the good news: those games will be at Citizens Bank Park.  There is one tie scenario that won’t require a tie-breaker game:  if we and the Mets tie for the Division and both qualify for the postseason, New York gets the Division title and we are the wild card entry.  Why?  The Mets won the season series against us, 11-7.

On top of all this, Mother Nature is entering the picture in the East.  Rain is predicted starting today and carrying into Saturday.

All of this resembles a huge plate of spaghetti……noodles of tangled possibilities.

While the players are off today, the front office continues planning for the postseason.  Another meeting was held this afternoon to make sure all the ducks are in order for all the possibilities. 

Frank Coppenbarger, Director of Team Travel and Clubhouse Services, continues working on his puzzle: charter flights, hotels, buses in different cities on different dates and no knowledge of game times.  No wonder his hair is thinning and graying.

What the rain will do to us this weekend is a big question mark.  Keep in mind decisions to play a game are in the hands of the umpire crew chief and Major League Baseball.   It isn’t our call.


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Yes, Mother Nature is no fun at all! I am stuck in the airport in Miami (came down for the 3 game Marlins series) and my flight has already been delayed twice! I assume, due to weather in Philly…it is sunny here! Well, I’ll get home some day… So looks like we are going down to the wire here. I am practicing my deep breathing exercises so as not to stress out! I’d really prefer not to be crying in my beer on Sunday though…it will be a whole LOT of beer though :o) Good luck!


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