Clay, Pedro Chip In

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss
Utley, 2b
Werth, rf
Howard, 1b
Burrell, lf
Victorino, cf
Feliz, 3b
Ruiz, c
Happ, p

Chipping In
Jamie set the tone with his 6 quality-start innings, Chase unloaded a homer for the first time in 27 games, Jimmy had 3 hits and the bullpen came through again but two others chipped in to help the Phillies sink the Marlins and finish a 5-1 road trip yesterday.

Condrey inherited a bases-loaded situation with two out in the sixth with the Phillies clinging to a 3-2 lead.   His 2-0 sinker was grounded to Feliz, a replacement at third when Dobbs left with an injury. 

When a reliever enters and game and holds a lead, there’s an unofficial stat called a hold.  Here’s how the pitching looked yesterday:
Moyer, 15th win
Durbin, 16th hold
Romero, 24th hold
Condrey, 1st hold
Madson, 16th hold
Lidge, 40th save

Condrey’s first hold couldn’t have come at a better time.

Pedro belted a 2-rrun homer in the 8th killing the Marlins’ momentum and gobbled up everything hit his way.  He can certainly play the hot corner.

Over a 162-game season, all players need to chip in and yesterday Clay and Pedro came through.

Back Home
Thanks to Citizens Bank, all fans will receive rally towels tonight, the start of the final 6 regular-season home games.

The Phillies have handled the Braves this season.  Those numbers are in the past.  Tonight is the only thing that counts.

Phillie Phact
Phillies finished with a 44-37 road record, best in the NL.  Best in team history: 48-33 in 1976.



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