Temporary Inactive List

Sorry, Phillies Insider will be absent through September 7.  Vacation time.

The blog will resume for the stretch run on September 8.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and Phillies passion.

Go Phillies!

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I havebeen an avid Phillies fan since 1960.At this point in the season i believe any knowledgable person could mangage this team..C’mon these guys are pros and they know what they have to do.The last two games were Lost buy OVER coaching.The METS game in the 8th inning Why go to the mound after two easy outs???Then the CUBS,why take Hamels out,let him pitch!!Let him get in trouble then possibly make a move.These coaches are destroying confidence…I don’t know what is said on the bench but from what i can see MILT Thompson is the only one i’d stick with..ANYBODY CAN MAKE UP A LINE-UP CARD..YOU NEED TO BENCH THE COACH”S and LET THESE GUYS PLAY..

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