Two Key Bunts

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Utley, 2b; Burrell, lf; Howard, 1b; Victorino, cf; Werth, rf; Feliz, 3b; Coste, c; Myers, p.

Bunts and A Blast
Producing runs has been a sticky point for the Phillies offense that has been stuck in low gear most of this month.  A team that led the NL in runs scored last season was struggling.  That’s what makes this game so great…unpredictable.

Last night, they used situational hitting twice and the long ball once to pin an extra-inning loss on to the Dodgers in a belly burner.  Yes, games at this time of the season can burn your belly.

Two sacrifice bunts set up the Phillies first two runs with Chase and Pedro following with clutch singles.  Pedro’s came with two out in the ninth and tied the game.  Then, his three-run blast over center in the 11th gave the Phillies their seventh walk-off win.

The Dodgers had 13 hits and left 13 on base but five Phillies pitchers allowed just two runs in 11 innings. 

Back Home
Olympic bronze medal winners SS Jason Donald and C Lou Marson are being placed back on the Reading Phillies active roster today.  Reading is home tonight, the first of four games in four days against Connecticut.

LHP R. J. Swindle and RHP Steve Green, members of the Canadian Olympic team, are being removed from the temporary active roster at Lehigh Valley.

Minor League Notes
Lehigh Valley, Reading and Lakewood all end their respective seasons on September 1.  Clearwater concludes its season a day earlier.  Williamsport’s final game is September 6.

The Gulf Coast League Phillies (32-22), whose season ends on Wednesday, are in the running for postseason play. They lead the North Division. 

Lakewood trails first-place Lake County by 2.5 games in the Northern Division of the South Atlantic League.

Arizona Bound
The Phillies will be sending eight minor league players to the Arizona Fall League, a league that begins in October.  They will be playing for the Mesa Solar Sox:

Marson, Donald, OF Jeremy Slayden, OF Quintin Berry, RHP Joe Bisenius, RHP Andrew Carpenter, LHP Sergio Escalona and RHP Pat Overholt.



It was definitely a multiple Tums event last night, but I was glad I stayed until the end! Anyway, I was reading that Jimmy Rollins has been selected for the AFL Hall of Fame this year for his appearance in 2000. I was wondering if you knew if there was any kind of waiting period before a player can be selected to the AFL Hall of Fame? Thanks!


Jenn: I’m not sure of the details of the AFL Hall of Fame. Nothing was mentioned in the press release about a waiting period.

Keep on cheering!

Thanks for checking Larry! And I will definitley keep on cheering! :o)


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