Good to see the offense produce as it did in sweeping Washington.  No secret but scoring runs is this team’s strength.   Any pitching staff benefits from run support. 

July has come and gone.  We wound up 15-10 for the month, the exact same record for July a year ago.

But, 15-10 was a result of winning the first four and the last five.  In between, we were 6-10, which sort of resembled a sagging hammock.

Two more months to go and we can’t be resting in a hammock.  That’s for November, but only if you live in a warm climate.  Then again, a hammock may be an easy way to catch falling leaves in this area.

Club-by-club opponents this month:
Cardinals, 3
Marlins, 3
Pirates, 3,
Dodgers, 8
Padres, 3
Nationals 3,
Mets, 2
Cubs, 3

Yes, eight against the Dodgers and Manny Ramirez.  Not good news to have to face him that often.  But, the good news…..he’s with the Dodgers and not the Marlins.

Come See Sammy
A week from tonight Juan Samuel becomes the 30th Alumni member to be inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame.

Nine Living members of the Wall will be part of the 7:00 p.m. ceremonies: Robin Roberts (1978), Jim Bunning (1984), Steve Carlton (1989), Mike Schmidt (1990), Dick Allen (1994), Greg Luzinski (1998), Tony Taylor (2002), Bob Boone (2005) and Dallas Green (2006).

Sammy was an exciting player who combined speed and power.  As a person, he had an infectious smile and was loved by his teammates.

Samuel Testimonies
“Sammy was ‘the’ most exciting player on the Phillies in the early 80’s…..power, average, great arm, and speed to burn. He hit in front of me and created RBI situations every game. He was my young son’s favorite player all through the 80’s. Its great to see Sammy being honored as a member of the Wall of Fame,” Mike Schmidt.

“Juan Samuel was one of my favorite teammates because he was always ready to play and hustled as much as anybody. When asked who her favorite Phillie was besides me, my mom would always say ‘Sammy’. Congratulations to a wonderful baseball talent and more importantly,  truly a good person,” Von Hayes.




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Hi there :o) Had a question for you…just wondering why Jim Bunning, the other player with a retired number, does not have a statue at the stadium like Roberts, Carlton, Ashburn & Schmidt and if there were plans to do so? (I know Klein & Alexander are also retired, but had no numbers) Just curious…I think (as I am sure most will agree) that he is well deserving of the honor :o) Hey, want me to start a campaign? Hee! A little politician humor there… Thanks!


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