Brett was Striking

Good to see Brett and Chase come through last night in DC. 

Brett threw strikes and that was the difference.  Of the 88 pitches, 63 were strikes.  He had only two strikeouts but nine ground ball and nine fly ball outs.  He is the key pitcher on the staff.

Chase delivered the long ball and also hit the ball hard in his other at-bats.

Tim Redding tonight.  He’s been tough on us.

J-Roll numbers
Scott Lauber had an interesting note in Sunday’s Wilmington News-Journal, which has been updated.

When Rollins scores a run, the Phillies are 26-8 this season.  Last year: 67-34.  In his career: 405-195. 

Rollins was on base for Chase’s homer.

Players of the Week
A pair of first-year players are the winners of last week’s Minor League Player and Pitcher of the Week in the Phillies system:

This Date
In Phillies history……….
1995 Richie Ashburn and Mike Schmidt are inducted in Hall of Fame in Cooperstown before estimated 25,000, a record.  That was a day that will be forever etched in our memory.
 The ceremony looked like the red sea with so many Phillies fans wearing red.  Downtown Cooperstown was also overwhelming red.



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