Emotions were plentiful in yesterday’s come-from-behind win over the Braves.

Emotion # 1: comfort, a 3-0 lead for Cole after three innings. 

Emotion # 2: shock, as the Braves scored 9 times in the top of the fourth.

Emotion # 3: euphoria, when Greg hit that three-run homer in the fifth to give us a 10-9 lead.

Emotion: 4: relief.  After Cole departed, the bullpen blanked the Braves the rest of the way with Brad setting a club record with his 23rd consecutive save.  Bill Wagner’s 22 in a row is now off the Phillies books.

While dining at a restaurant with my wife last night, I overhead an obvious Phillies fan at a nearby table say, “The Phillies won today. Life is good.”


Who Is Doc Miller?
Dobb’s homer was his 20th pinch hit, tying a Phillies record that stood for 94 years.  Doc Miller will soon be number two on the Phillies season pinch-hit list.

Anticipating a million inquiries as to who in the world is Doc Miller, here’s the answer:

Roy Oscar (Doc) Miller was an outfielder with a five-year, big-league career (.295 for 1,171 games) in the National League: Chicago (1910), Boston (1910-12), Phillies (1912-1913) and Cincinnati (1914).

Miller, a left-handed hitter, established the Phillies club record with 20 pinch hits in 54 at-bats (.370) in 1913.  He played only 12 games in right field that year and was 10-33 (.303) as a non-pinch hitter.  In 69 games, he hit .345 with 6 doubles (all as a pinch hitter), no homers and 11 RBI.

His pinch hits by the month: April 1, May 2, June 5, July 8, August 2, September 2.

Born in Chatham, Ontario, Miller died in Jersey City, NJ, in 1938 at age 55.

His best season was 1912 with Boston.  He led the league with 192 hits and was second to Honus Wagner, .333-.332, for the batting title..  The Phillies acquired him from Boston the next summer for OF John (Tight Pants) Titus.  They sold him to Cincinnati following the 1913 season.

Miller also had seven pinch hits in 1912 for the Phillies and that tied the club record set in 1907 by Wilfred Osborn.  Who in the world is Wilfred Osborn?  Tune in tomorrow.  You may lose sleep by having to wait a day but you will survive!

Beijing Bound
SS Jason Donald and C Lou Marson of the Reading Phillies leave for San Francisco tomorrow for two days of orientation as part of the USA Olympic Baseball Team. The Reading Phillies held some emotional post-game send-off ceremonies last night.  The Olympics falg will fly at the Reading ballpark throughout the China games.

Phillies coach Roly de Armas is on the staff of the team that will be managed by Davey Johnson, a former Phillie (1977-78).

A week ago today, Donald and Marson played in the Futures Game at Yankee Stadium.  The next day they were told confidentially that they had been selected to the USA Olympic Baseball Team. On Tuesday, they were in the Eastern League All-Star Game in Manchester, NH.

Speaking of emotions.

Alumni Batting Challenge
Two weeks from today, a Phillies Alumni Batting Challenge will take place at 1 p.m.
Three teams will compete: Ricky Jordan and Ricky Bottalico . . . Milt Thompson and Mitch Williams . . . Tyler Green and Ozzie Virgil.

It is also Ryan Howard Home Alternate Jersey Day for fans 14 and under, courtesy of Keystates Chrylser Jeep.

This Date
In Phillies history….
1950 RF Del Ennis doubles and homers, drives in seven runs in a 13-3 win at Wrigley Field.
1966 LHP Sandy Koufax strikes out 16 as Dodgers edge Phillies, 2-1, in 12 innings.  Phillies starter Jim Bunning fans 12 in 11 innings.


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I’ll toss one more emotion at ya; call it #5 – Pride: I was very proud of how this team bounced back last night after a devestating 4th inning and also what has been a no so great week. It’s great to see they still have that fight in them!


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