Downer to Giddy

Sputtering, floundering, lethargic, lackluster, sluggish.

Call it what you want, but that’s what our offense looked like for the first six innings last night.  Granted Johan Santana is a very good pitcher.  He totally had the bats under control.  That’s why he is a number 1 ace.  He’s started three times against us this year.  He’s won once and had a pair of no decisions in which we won in our last at-bat.

When he left the game after eight innings, we got to the Mets’ Wagner-less bullpen big time.  With Taguchi and R-Roll getting key, two-run doubles, we were able to put a six spot on the scoreboard and what appeared to be a downer defeat turned into a giddy victory.

Taguchi has really been struggling as a pinch hitter after leading the majors a year ago with a .407 average on 13 pinch-hits.  He was hitless in 16 pinch at-bats until his double to right.  His teammates were So happy for him, in many ways.

Joe Blanton was hurt by a pair of two-run homers.  Each was preceded by a walk.  He walked three for the night and two scored. 

Now, the ball is in Brett’s hands tonight.  We need to get him into a groove because he can be a quality pitcher.

And, hopefully, the offense has found its groove.

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What’s the word on Harry K. The team of Wheels and McCarthy aren’t a good pairing. I really enjoy listening to the radio guys. They should rotate them onto the broadcast like they used to. Great ab by Taguchi last night. Hopefully we see more production from him b/c he’s been a disappointment. Seems to me like the Mets are still facing last years demons and can’t get back to first place. That’s fine w/ me.

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