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Phillies Insider is going on a one-week All-Star Game break.  Time to bronze this beefy body at the beach (photos, video will NOT be available).

Tune in again on July 19.

Thank you.



I would like to organize outreach efforts to Sandra Wacker who is hospitalized at HUP in serious condition and the family of her friend who died last night. The two St. Louis ladies were in town to see the Cards play the Phils at the Cit on Thursday nights. They were hit by a drunk driver as they left the Cit and were crossing the street.
I went to visit Sandra at HUP yesterday and took her flowers. She was sleeping or unconscious in the ICU.
Sandra is in serious condition and has a long recovery ahead of her.

If you are interested please contact me asap.
MJ Lovett

I was checking out your Phillies blogs and thought you and your readers might be interested to know that Phillies reliever Chad Durbin has his own blog.

Here are links to his profile and his latest blog post…it’s hysterical!:


Thanks MJ for your comment. Sandy is my girlfriend and she remains in a coma 9 days after being struck by the car. As a lifelong Cardinal fan that lives somewhat close to where Ryan Howard grew up, I am sure that the Phillies fans would be happy to leave their wishes for a speedy recovery for Sandy.

They can do this at:

http://www.prayersforsandy.com or
Phillies Message Forum For Sandy


Gregory Woodruff – St. Louis

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