Thanks for voting

Thanks to everyone for pitching in to get Pat Burrell elected to the All-Star Game through the four-day Final Vote online process. 

The results just came in:  Corey Hart was first, followed by David Wright, Pat, Aaron Rowand and Carlos Lee. 

Voting started at 3 p.m. on Sunday and finished at 5 this afternoon.

When the first results were announced on Monday, the order was Hart, Wright, Burrell, Rowand, Lee.  That order never changed over four voting updates and the final results.  Same for the American League.  There it was always Longoria, Dye, Giambi, Roberts and Guillen.


Again, a tip of the cap to Phillies fans for all the work they did. 


Apparently you were in a hurry to get away to the beach, Mr. Shenk. You spelled Out in your heading ” Time Out” – OTUT!!

Clint Hurdle appears to be not very impressed by the Phillies team his Rockies beat in the playoffs last year. He passed on Burrell, Howard, Hamels and Romero, and last season’s NL MVP Jimmy Rollins as all-stars.
Burrell, having a career year, and in his ninth season in the big leagues, with no previous all-star selections, definitely should have gone to the game as Soriano’s injury replacement.

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