Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Victorino, cf; Utley, 2b; Howard, 1b; Burrell, lf; Werth, rf; Feliz, 3b; Ruiz, c; Happ, p.

Hard to believe this team has been shut out six times this year when it happened only three times a year ago.

When we woke up on this date a year ago, we were in third place, 4.5 games out of first with a 44-44 record.  We’re still in first place (48-43).  And, we will hit.  Book it!

Burrell Update
Latest results this afternoon have Pat still trailing Corey Hart and David Wright.  Each has garnered over 4 million votes.

Voting efforts continue:
 **University of Miami Alumni Relations Department is participating an in e-mail campaign to vote for Pat, a baseball legend at that university.
 **Voting stations have been set up in Citizens Bank Park so fans can vote during games.
 **Philadelphia Free Library has done an e-mail blitz with their membership.
       **Vote for Pat T-Shirts were sent to members of the media.
       **The WIP Marathon voting in the upper level of Harry the K’s continues around the clock until tomorrow’s deadline.

Online voting on ends at 5 o’clock tomorrow afternoon:

Burrell Backers
“He’s the most deserving among the group of National Leaguers on the Final Vote ballot,” Jayson Stark,

“Here’s the case for Pat to be elected….he’s the only player in the league’s top 10 in slugging percentage not already on the roster,” Paul White, USA Today.

“Pat is the most notable omission on the team,” Buster Olney,

Ken Rosenthal had Pat starting in his NL Star squad during his in-game comments on FOX’s Saturday telecast.  Rosenthal is the Senior Baseball Writer for and a member of the FOX Saturday broadcasting team.

Celebrity City
Phillies Alumni Dick Allen and Jay Johnstone were at Citizens Bank Park last night.  There teammates not only with the Phillies (1975-76) but the White Sox (1972).

Jay told a story about him during the 1976 season that had Dick in stitches.  “We had clinched the division and Danny (Ozark, manager) told us that we should go for individual goals now that we have won the division.  I was battling for the league lead in doubles and a ‘stretched’ a triple into a double.  The next day Danny called a team meeting to chew me out for not hustling to third.  I was late that day and wasn’t even in the clubhouse during Danny’s tirade.”

Tomorrow, actress Alyssa Milano will be here to promote her licensed women’s fashion collection called “Touch”.  Alyssa is a big-time Dodgers fan and has a blog on, “touch ’em all.”


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