Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Victorino, cf; Utlley, 2b; Howard, 1b; Burrell, lf; Werth, rf; Feliz, 3b; Ruiz, c; Hamels, p.


Close is fine in horseshoes but not baseball.  Fell behind too far last night but this team keeps battling and had a chance to tie or win in the last of the ninth.

Six games left before the All-Star break and we need to kick in gear.  We’re really scuffling at Citizens Bank Park, having lost 8 of the last 10.  Fan support is awesome and the passion is felt every day but right now we can’t seem to put things together.

Phillies Tradition
Chase Utley is going to continue the tradition of having a Phillies player in the State Farm Home Run Derby next Monday night in Yankee Stadium.   Jim Thome, Bobby Abreu and Ryan Howard (twice) have been involved since 2004. 

Notice all are left-handed hitters.  Yankee Stadium’s right field foul pole is 314 feet which could be to Chase’s advantage.

Pressure isn’t on Chase, it is on catching instructor Mick Billmeyer, who is replacing Ramon Henderson as the pitcher for the Phillies.  Ramon had done the previous four and done ii well.

If you haven’t read Ken Mandel’s HR Derby story on this site:

Backing Burrell
We’ve started a campaign to get Pat Burrell elected to the All-Star team.  Some of the details are covered in Mandel’s story:

In addition, the Cira Center in Philadelphia is illuminating Pat’s #5 tonight and tomorrow night, PECO Crown Lights will encourage voting, Ballgirls will visit center city workers during the lunch hour, Publicist John Brazer is doing a radio station blitz, eight digital billboards in the area are promoting voting today through Thursday, t-shirts will be given to fans in the first row of the left field stands today, tomorrow and Thursday, e-mails are being distributed constantly, the Phillies minor league clubs are promoting “Go To Bat For Pat” and all Phillies employees were allowed a 15-minute break from their chores this afternoon to vote. 

If you called during that break and I didn’t answer, you why.

Visitor Von
Von Hayes stopped by Citizens Bank Park last night with his son, Connor.  Von is the manager of the Lancaster Barnstormers in the independent Atlantic League.  Rick Wise is his pitching coach.  The Barnstomers had a night off.

Roster changes are frequent in that league.  One day, Von was down to nine position players.  So, he placed himself on the active roster, but never played that night.  “I’m the only manager ever to sign himself and release himself,” Von laughed.

When things didn’t go well for the Phillies in the first inning, there were some boos.  “I know what that sound sounds like,” he said.

National TV
ESPN tomorrow night for those fans around the country (CSN in Philly area).

Myers Report
“Decent outing that seemed to help his confidence.  Used his fastball (89-94) more, especially early and pitched inside well with it.  Third and fourth time thru the order used his curve more which showed sharp action,” Rod Nichols, LV pitching coach after Brett’s second start last night.

Myers’ next start is Saturday night in Reading.



Well I have been voting like crazy for Pat the last several days and put multiple links on my blog for people to vote; although, I still think he should have been in there to begin with! Really looking forward seeing Chase in the Home Run Derby! I will be there (my first time going!), camera in hand, snapping away :o) I hope Chase has some fun with it!


Yeah, too bad Ryan Howard didn’t make the derby this year. Would’ve been great to see him actually take on defending champ Vlad Guerrero for real, not just the two of them goofing of for practice like in this (rather amusing) video:

No doubt, the man’s a beast.

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