Lidge Stays

Today’s Lineup
Werth, rf; Utley, 2b; Rollins, ss; Howard, 1b; Burrell, lf; Feliz, 3b; Victorino, cf; Ruiz, c; Kendrick, p.

For a while last night, it looked as if we would squeeze a one-run win on only four hits. Then the bullpen’s bottom fell out, a real rarity this season.

“It’s going to happen.  When you play 162 games, you can’t expect everyone to be perfect.  I think our bullpen has been outstanding.  They are one of the reasons we are where we are.”

The loss dropped the Phillies record in which they are leading after seven innings to 33-3. The blown save for Tom Gordon was his first since late last August.

Lidge Stays a Phillie
A potential free agent at the end of the season, Brad Lidge won’t be heading that direction after signing a contract this morning.  Details will be on this site.

Ruben Amaro Jr. and Lidge’s agent, Rex Geary, have been discussing a new contract and those talks heated up this week.

Protocol calls for a physical examination before the Brad could sign on the dotted line.  Once that was out of the way, the time of the announcement was something that was worked out by Amaro Jr. and Bonnie Clark, the VP, Communications, and her staff.

A media alert was sent out Saturday informing the media of a player announcement at 11 o’clock this morning.

The announcement took place, as usual, in the Media Room on the clubhouse level at Citizens Bank Park.  Lidge’s baseball idol is Hall of Famer reliever Goose Gossage.  The two met outside the Media Room after the press conference. Gossage is here today for Auto

All-Star Time
We’ll know this afternoon who and how many Phillies will make the National League All-Star team and if a Phillies player is among the 2008 Monster All-Star Final Vote that will take place on today through Thursday.  The announcements will be on TBS TV starting at 2.

Chase Utley has been leading all players in voting and he will be the starting second baseman for the NL for the third straight season.  That’s a given.

The only Phillie with a longer consecutive starting streak as an All-Star is Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, six years, 1979-84.

Other Phillies second basemen who have been All-Star starters include Mariano Duncan (1994), Manny Trillo (1982) and Granny Hamner (1954).

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