Good bye and good riddance.

No more interleague games against the American League for a year.  We’re finished with different teams, different pitchers, different hitters, different  rules, different parks, different hotels, different time zones and different running water.

The numbers aren’t pretty, 4-11 record, .220 batting average and 57 runs scored.  Only the Padres (3-15) had a poorer record.

Speaking of running water, the NL took a total bath: 102-149 (NL East 34-44, NL Central 41-51, NL West 27-54).  The AL held the upper hand all around: .275-.251 average, 1,247-1,010 runs, 276-251 home runs and 3.69-4.56 ERA.  For the record, there is one game left on the schedule, a June 26 rain out of the Yankees at Pittsburgh that is now set for July 10. 

Back to NL
So, so long to the AL and back to the NL. 19 of the next 25 games are within our division.  Three months remain in the 2008 marathon season and every game and series is big.

Despite losing five straight series, we will still be in first place tomorrow morning. In case you are wondering, the Phillies have been leaders on July 1 in seven previous seasons: 1950, 1976, 1978, 1993, 1995, 2001 and 2004.

Last time we won a series was in Atlanta where we begin a three-game set tomorrow night.  We swept three from the Braves there during the first weekend of this month.  I’m sure the Braves haven’t forgotten.

Comments Corner
Appreciate the postings following Saturday’s Phillies Insider.   Jenn added a cool suggestion for what to do with the bats, peg-leg for pirates.

“Build a bandwagon that we’ll soon be jumping off” was another posted comment.  Another clever idea but don’t leap.

Did You Ever Wonder ?
When we do well, the media doesn’t refer to us as the “phenomenal Phillies”.  When we struggle, we are the “floundering Phillies.”

This Date
In Phillies history….
1932 Chuck Klein hits 23rd and 24th homers in 9-3 win over Brooklyn at Baker Bowl, the most home runs at that time by the end of June by any National League player.
1938 New York Giants romp, 14-1, over the Phillies in final game at decaying Baker Bowl before 1,500 fans.  On July 4, the Phillies moved to Shibe Park, home of the Philadelphia A’s. 
1967 Cookie Rojas pitches scoreless ninth inning in 12-3 loss to the Giants, 2nd game.  Rojas has now filled all nine positions since joining the Phillies in 1963, and played eight different positions this season.







Hi there :o) I just wanted to say before All-Star voting came to an end, that I really hope Pat Burrell gets a shot this year. I was just running some numbers and here is what I came up with: Among NL Outfielders, Pat is currently ranked #3 in HR’s, #2 in on base %, #7 in RBI’s, #5 in slugging %, #6 in total bases and #2 in walks. And I do believe that his patience at the plate has been a lot of what has kept this team floating at the top of the NL East. He has been the most consistent bat all year, even during this time of struggle with the nasty interleague play. I really hope Mr. Hurdle gives him the nod…he deserves it! Of course, I am going to keep voting…just in case!


Well we sit here while good american league starters are being eaten up by teams in the NL. At least we get to vote for Pat Burrell for the all-star game. We pay good money to see lousy baseball lately and this is what we get to focus on. How about worrying about the playoffs rather than the all-star game. This season is slipping away. Step up you cheap owners and do something.

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