Flat Bats

In case you haven’t noticed, we are scuffling.  The offense has gone south since the 20-run win in St. Louis on Friday the 13th. 

Perhaps it is time to do something drastic.  Offense starts with bats so let’s do something with those pieces of wood:

**Burn them in a bonfire.

**Invite a colony of termites for a feast.

**Sell them to a toothpick factory.

**Dip them in The Bull’s spicy barbeque sauce.

**Stick them in a freezer to make them harder.

**Drape them with flowers as a sign of affection.

**Send them back to the forest.

**Grind them into kitty litter.

**Flatten them into roars.

Other creative ideas?


build the bandwagon that we’ll soon be jumping off! glad we had a great start!

Donate them to amputee pirates to replace their peg-legs? Well, maybe if we can sqeak out one more win here this week, we’ll consider putting those bats to better use :o) Go Phillies!


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