Three teams in the majors have a winning record on the road and the Phillies (20-17) are one of the trio.  The others: St. Louis (21-16) and Angels (24-12).

Since 2004, only the Angels (202) and Yankees (194) have more wins on enemy turf or sod than us (192).

When Jamie Moyer starts, we’re 10-5.

Hopefully, these numbers bode well to end the gloomy five-game spiral.

Interleague numbers
Against the A’s, we’re 3-3, winning two of three at home in 2003 and losing two of three in the McAfee Coliseum in 2005.

Career numbers against A’s:
Burrell, .150-HR-3 RBI
Dobbs, .302-0-14
Feliz, .186-6-18
Jenkins, .364-2-3
Rollins, .385-1-4
Taguchi, .429-0-4
Utley, .182-0-1

The rest of the Phillies hitters have never faced the A’s.

Moyer, 17-15, 4.46 ERA for 43 starts
Kendrick, first appearance tomorrow night
Eaton, 1-1, 4.91 for 4 games

Designated Hitter
Charlie Manuel can use the DH tonight and for the next five days.  The A’s are starting a RHP, LHP and RHP these three games. 

Most likely options: Burrell, Dobbs, Victorino, Werth, Bruntlett, Jenkins.  Sorry, catching instructor Mick Billmeyer.  We’re not activating a .247 minor league hitter who hasn’t batted in 15 years!

Career DH numbers:
Burrell, .153 (13-85), 1HR-7 RBI
Dobbs, .273 (27-99),1-14
Feliz, .000 (0-1)
Howard, .500 (2-4), 1-1
Jenkins, .636 (7-11), 0-3
Taguchi, 1.000 (2-2), 0-1
Utley, .500 (2-4), 1-1
Werth, .500 (1-2), 0-2

This Date
In Phillies history
1994 Phillies sign two free agents, LHP Fernando Valenzuela and INF Randy Ready. Sorry, Fernando and Randy, but history is kind of bleak for this date.  Perhaps something historic will occur tonight.  Ending a five-game losing streak isn’t historic, but at this point, we’ll take it!


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