Dobbs as in Roy Hobbs

Well, it wasn’t exactly an offensive epidemic, but a win is a win.  Now, we need a win tonight to make it two out of three, the formula needed to wind up on top at the end of the season.

Cole Hamels dominated again.  Can’t pitch much better.  The enemy hasn’t scored against him in 17 innings now.

Greg Dobbs came through as a pinch-hitter….again.  Hitting is difficult.  Pinch-hitting is even more difficult but Dobbs has the knack to do it consistently.  He’s become the Roy Hobbs of pinch-hitters.

It is only May 21 and he already has 10 pinch-hits and 9 pinch-RBI.  He’s halfway to his club record for pinch-RBI he set a year ago.  Phillies records on pinch-RBI date back to 1950.  So, if anybody out there has pinch-RBI info beyond 1950, send it to me. 

We do have club records on pinch-hitting dating back to 1862.  The record for the most pinch-hits is 20 by Roy (Doc) Miller in 1913.  The left-handed hitting Canadian only had 10 other hits that year.  Dobbs will do better.

Coste Meets Senator
Chris met Senator Kent Conrad the senior Senator from his home state of North Dakota earlier today. 

Senator Conrad had contacted the Phillies to arrange a personal meeting the next time the Phillies were in the nation’s capital.  Chris talked baseball and signed some of his books for the staff.

The visit included a tour of the Capital building and lunch in the Senate Dining Room.

It turns out that the Senator’s senior aid, Chris Thome, is a Phillies fan from Philadelphia. Another aid is Jayme Fugelsten, a member of the original Knothole Gang of the Fargo Red Wings where Coste once played.

This Date
In Phillies history……
1936 OF Ethan Allen and P Curt Davis traded to Chicago Cubs for OF Chuck Klein, P Fabian Kowalik and $50,000.
1967 Phillies used only two pitchers in a 2-1, 18-inning win over the Cincinnati Reds at Connie Mack Stadium.  LHP Chris Short worked the first 12 innings and RHP Dick Hall the last 6.  Guess they didn’t pay attention to pitch counts back then.






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