Werth Back In Lineup


Tonight’s Lineup
3 homers, 8 RBI, 2 curtain calls.  Jayson Werth said he will never forget it last night.  So will the 36,000-plus fans.

That performance earned him a spot in tonight’s lineup as the Phillies face a right-handed starter for the first time in week:

Rollins, ss
Werth, cf
Utley, 2b
Howard, 1b
Burrell, lf
Jenkins, rf
Dobbs, 3b
Coste, c
Eaton, p

“Werthy” Offense
Quite a show Jayson put on last night, a three-run homer, grand slam and solo blast.  All he needed was a two-run homer for the “home run cycle”, something that has never been done in baseball history.

His night was historical when it comes to the Phillies record book. 

He’s the fifth Phillies player to drive in 8 runs in a game: Kitty Bransfield (1910), Gavvy Cravath (1915), Willie Jones (1958) and Mike Schmidt (1976).  And, he became the 18th player in our history to hit three dingers in a game.

My roaming territory is usually the Press Box area on the Hall of Fame Club level.  Was there for the first home run and seeing a ball heading toward the outfield is the norm. I decided to visit Greg Luzinski in his Bull’s BBQ.  On the way out of the park, I stopped in right-center and stood behind the last row.

Jayson’s second at-bat…bases loaded, swing and a long drive…..  This time, the ball was heading toward me.  It clanked off the Chrysler/Jeep sign in the section to my right and fell into scrambling hands.  When Jayson came to bat, one fan stood up and cheered, raising both arms in the air.  A few pitches later, everybody in the park was on their feet.  Cheering in the press box is strictly prohibited so it was kind of cool to be able to join the cheering throng.

Third homer…heard on my car radio.  Fourth at-bat came…saw on my TV set in the kitchen. 

Trio at the Park
Since Citizens Bank Park opened, there have been seven players who hit three home runs in a game:
4/21/04  Mike Lowell, Marlins
7/30/04  Aramis Ramirez, Cubs
8/13/04  J. T. Snow, Giants
8/15/06  Jose Reyes, Mets
9/3/06, 1st ga. RYAN HOWARD, vs. Braves
4/13/07  Carlos Lee, Astros
5/16/08  JAYSON WERTH, vs. Blue Jays

This Date
In Phillies history……
1979 A 10inning classic in Wrigley Field: Phillies 23, Cubs 22.  11 homers hit, three by Dave Kingman, two by Mike Schmidt, including gamewinner with two out in top of 10th off Bruce Sutter.
1991 Phillies blank Cubs, 10, in 16 innings, the longest 10 victory in Phillies history and the longest shutout game in Veterans Staduim history.
1993 John Kruk ties club record with five hits (6 AB) in 103 win at Florida, first game for Phillies against expansion Marlins.
2002 SS Jimmy Rollins hit a lead off homer to start the game for the second straight game in Arizona; Randy Johnson on the 16th and Miguel Batista today.


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Congratulations on getting one of the home runs!! 🙂

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