SF Weekend


Weekend in San Francisco.  Need two of three to make it a winning road trip.

Brandon Webb is the best pitcher in baseball right now and he showed it yesterday.  Dominating pitchers usually count on heat but Webb is different.  His sinker recorded 17 ground ball outs.

Of course the big news this weekend is the potential return of Jimmy Rollins from the disabled list.  He last played on April 9.  Decision probably won’t be made until close to game time. 

Ground Work
While the team is on the road, Mike Boekholder and his merry ground crew of eight worked daily on the Citizens Bank Park field.

Aerating the entire playing field was Monday’s project.  Then, top dressing the grass with some sand to help drainage, re-seeding and fertilizing.  Rain today allowed the crew to gear down.

Tomorrow, there’s a wedding on the field which could create an issue with the amount of rain today.  Sunday is Mother’s Day but Mike and his crew will be in early for mowing.

For Tuesday’s 7:05 night game, Mike and his staff will arrive around 10:00 a.m. and won’t leave until sometime after 11:30 p.m.  His staff increases to 22 on game days, with the extras arriving at 5:30 p.m.

Blank TV
Tomorrow afternoon’s 4:05 (EDT) game will not be on television in Philly or SF because FOX has exclusive rights for that time slot.

MLB.TV will have the game.

Radio broadcasts are not affected.



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