True Comeback Win


Shane Victorino is nicknamed the “Flyin’ Hawaiian”.  Perhaps we can add “Body Bruiser”.  Just glad he was able to get up from that collision last night.  Hope Conor Jackson is OK, too.

Shane doesn’t back away from contact because that’s the way he plays the game.  Still, it makes you hold your breath when he barrels someone over.  At 5-foot-9, 180-pounds, he isn’t built to be a body bruiser.

Bullpen did a job again in the come-from-behind win.  Sometimes charting that stat (comeback wins) can be misleading.  You call fall behind 3-0 after three and win 11-3 for a comeback win.  But, last night truly was a legit come-from-behind win.

**Since April 11, the Phillies are 16-9, best record in the NL.
**3.84 ERA is 5th best in the league.
**2.69 bullpen ERA is lowest among the NL teams.
**Utley and Burrell have combined for as many or more HR (22) than 5 of the other 30 major league clubs.
**Phillies pinch hitters lead the league in homers (3), slugging percentage (.467) and are tied for the most RBI (11).

Minor Leagues
RHP Drew Naylor and C Lou Marson are the Phillies minor league pitcher and player of the week for April 27-May 4.  For information on that a weekly review of the minor league system check out



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